Welcome to the LazyBear Lodge.

We’re glad you found us. Few people know about the wonders of Churchill, Manitoba and even fewer have had the pleasure of visiting. But those who have made the journey have experienced a world virtually untouched by human hands.

Whether you explore the lush boreal forest and its wildlife, the rocky Hudson Bay coastline teaming with Beluga Whales, or come to visit the great Polar Bear, in Churchill you’ll find yourself in a clean, natural place that few see. We are accessible, but still out of the way.

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People often ask me, “Walter, what is it that brings people like you to a remote place like Churchill?” I always say that it is the sense of freedom that one enjoys here, where you can go in any direction and not meet a single soul. A place where the creek water is cleaner than brand-name bottled water. If you’re hungry there are 15 varieties of wild berries and numerous species of mushrooms ready for the picking.

Churchill is accessible only by train or plane, which makes our town a place that is a little on the wild side. Living in Churchill is a lot like living on an island in a sea of wilderness. There are no billboards, no chain restaurants, no traffic jams and no street noise. Our facilities offer a place of rest and relaxation in the midst of pure wilderness—so wild that we have taken precautions to prevent our four-legged visitors from getting into The Lodge. We know that you will appreciate that. To put it simply, there is no other place on earth like the Lazy Bear Lodge. We look forward to your visit. Experience it All… Up Close and Personal.

Walter Daudrich
Owner, Lazy Bear Lodge


  • 33 handcrafted log cabin rooms
  • Tour service. Free train/airport pick up. Car rental information available at our front desk
  • 24 hour telephone system
  • Private bath/shower
  • Smoke-free environment throughout entire building
  • Cable television, with 3 movie channels
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • The LazyBear Café. Eat fireside and enjoy homemade northern cuisine
  • Located on Churchill’s main street, Kelsey Boulevard.